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Wall Hugger Recliners

Small Wall Hugger Recliners to us mean; recliners that are no more than 25" to 29" wide, and wall hugger means that these RV recliners require 2" to 3 1/2" away from the wall to fully recline and that technically these compact wall hugger recliners are not recliners, but incliners which means they come forward away from the wall to recline unlike recliners which go back towards the wall to recline. Our small RV wall hugger recliners are a perfect fit for tight spaces. These small chairs are not only perfect for RV and Marine applications, where space is always limited, but also small apartments, condos and cabins where space is often limited. Our complete line of small wall hugger recliners/incliners define lounging comfort, they are quality USA built and warrantied by industry leaders including our Amish built LAM series.RV and Marine dominate Ultraleather with 70 colors to choose from is the most often used covering for our compact recliners.

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