Marine Furniture Warranty Information

Glastop 30 Day Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee:


Our Glastop Marine Furniture family prides itself on intently listening to our customers' needs and wants and then based on our 34+ years of product and application knowledge, suggest what we feel is the best possible product for their application. And 99% of the time we far exceed our customers' expectations with our top quality marine products but, occasionally the product is not what our customer expected, wanted, or was happy with. We apologize! Our main goal is to resolve the problem and minimize your inconvenience as quickly as possible.

One solution is our: 30 Day No Hassel Money Back Guarantee. With this we give you the option of returning the product to us if you are not completely satisfied for a full refund inc. tax and shipping both ways. This Guarantee also applies to all our custom yacht sectionals of any size or configuration including those that have run outs and hull irregularities.


A second solution is: If time is an issue and you still need the product we will replace the wrong or dissatisfied product with an acceptable in stock or quick turnaround product of equal or greater value and ship to your chosen location.


A third solution: If time is an issue or the problem with the product is fixable at or near your location we will expedite parts to you or your best local marine upholstery or repair facility.

Our Goal, As Always is Customer Satisfaction!!! Ask your Boating Friends, Check out Our Reviews and Testimonials

David Beal - Owner / Manager Glastop Marine Furniture