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Flexsteel DONNER 4075G Easy Bed, Armless or Optional Removable Arms

The Flexsteel Donner 4075G Armless Easy Bed is one of our most popular, most comfortable and most versatile sofas.Not only is this Easy Bed Sofa comfortable as a sofa, but also as a bed. This is a sideways sleeping bed that opens similarly to a jackknife sofa; you lift up on the seat and pull towards you until the backrest lays down. Unlike a narrow jackknife bed, the 4075 Easy Bed is wider as a bed at 49" (slightly smaller than a full size bed.) Easy Beds are made for raised floor slides and flat floor areas. The seat on a raised floor model is 2" lower so that when you put it up on a 2" raised floor, the sofa still has a normal seat height. The Flexsteel Donner 4075G Armless Easy Bed comes standard with tailored side skirt to cover exposed legs. Available with optional removable arms.

72" W Overall
33.25" D Overall
21" D Seat (Front to Backrest)
33.5" H Overall Flat Floor model
31.5" H Overall Raised Floor model
17" H Backrest (Seat to Top of Backrest)
Seat Height
4.5" Arm Width
8" Clearance Under Seat
Standard with removable kick panel
Standard Side Skirts
$175 -Optional Storage Drawer

Optional Removable Arms
$135 -Vinyl
$155 -Fabric (Gr 4)
$175 -Primera by Ultrafabrics
$210 -Kashmira
$245 -Genuine Ultraleather (Polyurethane)

Drawer Dimensions
31" x 20" x 3 1/2"

2" Raised Floor Model

Available Fabrics For This Product
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-Flexsteel 100% Vinyl

-Flexsteel Select RV Fabric

-Sturdy Polyurethane 400,000 Double Rub wear rating. Approximate 7 year life expectancy. Good Cleanability

-100% Nylon. Suede-like texture.

-Glove Soft , Supple and Tough Polyurethane 200,000-400,000 Double Rub wear rating. Excellent Cleanability.
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Donner 4075G-58EB 58" (58" x 49 " bed)
Donner 407G5-64EB 64" (64" x 49" bed)
Donner 4075G-68EB 68" (68" x 49" bed)
Donner 4075G-72EB 72" (72" x 49" bed)

Flexsteel "Donner" 4075G-58EB 58" Armless Easy Bed
(58" x 49 " bed)

$1205 -Vinyl
$1260 -Fabric (Gr 4)
$1300 -Primera by Ultrafabrics
$1560 -Kashmira Microfiber
$1625 -Genuine Ultraleather (Polyurethane)

4075G-64EB 64" Armless Easy Bed
(64" x 49" bed)

$1240 -Vinyl
$1295 -Fabric (Gr 4)
$1335 -Primera by Ultrafabrics
$1590 -Kashmira Microfiber
$1665 -Genuine Ultraleather (Polyurethane)

4075G-68EB 68" Armless Easy Bed
(68" x 49" bed)

$1255 -Vinyl
$1310 -Fabric (Gr 4)
$1355 -Primera by Ultrafabrics
$1615 -Kashmira Microfiber
$1690 -Genuine Ultraleather (Polyurethane)

4075G-72EB 72" Armless Easy Bed
(72" x 49" bed)

$1275 -Vinyl
$1330 -Fabric (Gr 4)
$1370 -Primera by Ultrafabrics
$1640 -Kashmira Microfiber
$1715 -Genuine Ultraleather (Polyurethane)

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Bed Open
Bed Open
Underside of Bed
Underside of Bed

Standard Side Skirt
Standard Side Skirt
Bed w/Removable Arm Kit
Bed w/Removable Arm Kit
Skirt & Arm Bracket
Skirt & Arm Bracket


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