Bonded Leather or Chinese 2ply Poly long history of flaking 18 months to 4 year Life-Span

Bonded Leathers 
Bonded leather (also known as PU Leather) is made from shredded leather fibers that are mixed with a polyurethane binder then extruded onto a cloth or paper backing and embossed with leather like texture. The color is a surface treatment and does not penetrate like a dye would. The composition of bonded leathers varies considerably making it difficult to predict performance over time; some may flake in as little as a few years.
polyurethane fabric
We do not recommend using bonded leather in RV applications. Most of the installations we have seen have seen have failed in a short period of time. Some of the poorer formulations are prone to off gassing and sweating of plasticizers. Generally bonded leather is not as durable as genuine leather. 

Most of the synthetic leather products used in the RV market fall into the category of Polyurethane Laminates (PUL). These fabrics are made by laminating a thin film of polyurethane to a cloth backing either by solvent lamination which fuses the fabric and polyurethane film together or hot melt which glues the fabrics together.

When polyurethane fabric fails it delaminates from the backing. All polyurethanes are not equal. There are numerous resin types and different polyurethane blends that affect durability; resistance to heat, humidity and light. The standard test for durability is Hydrolysis Resistance expressed in weeks which equates to years of expected life (eg. 6weeks = 6years life expectancy) under normal conditions.

Over the last 10 or more years there has been a flood of low quality Polyurethane Laminates coming from China that have just not been holding up as promised. When the quality of these products improves maybe we would recommend them but as of right now we can only recommend genuine Ultraleather because of its proven record.