Ultimate Leather - 2 ply Poly only 50,000 D Rub wear, ? History

Most of the synthetic leather products used in the RV market fall into the category of Polyurethane Laminates (PUL). These fabrics are made by laminating a thin film of polyurethane to a cloth backing either by solvent lamination which fuses the fabric and polyurethane film together or hot melt which glues the fabrics together.

When polyurethane fabric fails it delaminates from the backing. All polyurethanes are not equal. There are numerous resin types and different polyurethane blends that affect durability; resistance to heat, humidity and light. The standard test for durability is Hydrolysis Resistance expressed in weeks which equates to years of expected life (eg. 6weeks = 6years life expectancy) under normal conditions.

We have seen many instances in the RV market of fabric failing considerably short of the expected life. Owners have found this disheartening and costly. While tests are fine, until a product is on the market for the specified time there’s no way to know for sure how it will perform.

When it comes to choosing fabric there is nothing like a proven track record. That is why we recommend Genuine Ultraleather for most RV applications. With a Hydrolysis of 14+ weeks (equaling a 14 year lifespan) and having been around for over 25years its’ hard to beat Genuine Ultraleather.  The reason we feel so strongly is that we have seen many coaches with 12, 14 and even one with 21year old Ultraleather that wasn’t flaking. Yes it costs more but like the saying goes, "you get what you pay for”. If you are planning on having your coach for a while it’s the only one we would recommend, if you change coaches every couple years then maybe you can get by with one of the others.